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Design Plus hosts template files with the appropriate settings optimal for printing so you can get right to designing without worrying about the optimal specifications.

Guidelines are available so that prints you get from us are always at their best: sharp and just perfect :)

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These sets of files and guides are meant for designers wishing to know how to get the most out of their design and to know the technicalities of designing for print versus designing for web and screen.

Why you need these

Many digital graphic artists used to making designs for web make the mistake that the same process go when they design for print until they see the results post-print. We have a basic set of articles here designed to teach you to understand the basics of print designing – from understanding physical measurements, resolution, and color systems to bleed, vector, and cropping.

Digital design is often easier and is more easily mastered as what you see on screen is what you get. Print, on the other hand, has to -convert- your digital design by going through several processes depending on your requirements including converting to 4-color CMYK, screening, and imposing to make physical copies of your design.

Hosted in our website is a collection of useful print information such as understanding resolution and designing for print. Also hosted here are templates for various productivity software for designers who want to get up and designing on the quick. Templates are available as blanks with the settings also preset and as samples with designs that show print design practices for those who learn by example.